What’s on my Plate?

I’m not perfect!

I have weighed from 9 stone to 20 stone in my adult life. I have a complicated and often self-sabotaging relationship with food myself. I am currently receiving coaching support myself – because I know my relationship with food is something best done with support, rather than alone.

Get rid of unwanted weight!

I hope you notice the emphasis on what’s on my plate and why; I recently read an article that explained why the words weight loss could actually be holding people in a less resourceful state.

Let me explain…

As a child you lost your school sweater – you go home and tell your parent – what do they say?

You’ll need to go look for it, find it? – you created a belief that things you lose, need to be found.

So, applying this – you lose weight – what is the belief you have about ‘losing things – you need to find it’!

What's on my plate?

By making a simple mindset shift, instead of loss we can say ‘get rid’ – most beliefs about ‘getting rid’ are linked to throwing away, never to be seen again, forgotten – now that is a much better belief if you get rid of some weight isn’t it!

Your relationship with what’s on your plate, which of these do you recognise?

  • emotional eating
  • boredom eating
  • stress eating
  • social eating
  • cravings for a food or food type
  • portion control
  • frequency of meals
  • pressure to eat

This online small group programme takes you through a step-by-step refresh of your relationship with food.

Over 6 weeks we will cover

What is on your plate and why?

You will complete a Mindsonar Psychological Profile around your relationship with food, this will then allow us to further explore your relationship with food. This will generate a 30 page report and you will receive 121 feedback from me via email.

What is your ideal relationship with food?

Defining some goals around food, when you eat, what you eat and why you are eating.

What will you put on your plate and why?

What changes will you make towards your new relationship with food, and what won’t you do. It is all about how much you value yourself and the changes you want to make.

What do you say to yourself and why?

Are you self-sabotaging from the outset, or just when you start to see progress? Let’s find out how you can spot it happening and send it on its way. Hypnosis session included.

What’s your relationship with food like today?

This is your 5th session and it is important to get an idea where you are. What is working well for you, what might you need to change. Accountability to yourself and others as an ongoing tool.

What’s on your plate and how you enjoy it now!

The final session has a number of self-help tools to keep your relationship with food in the positive, to keep what’s on your plate enjoyable and sustainable going forwards. Hypnosis session included.

What an amazing read! There was so much to take in, there is so much information in the Mindsonar report.

I understand that I struggle to do it [eating and exercising for a healthier life] on my own. This is true as if my husband is on board it is much easier for me.

I think I need to focus on myself more and not rely on others so much.

I also picked up that I tend to focus on the good and positive but the bad effects of being overweight and inactive, realising that this can lead to illnesses.

I need to finish things and see it through – probably not focus on a weight loss goal but continue a healthy lifestyle forever!

Read Anna’s Story here https://www.mindsonar.info/annas-story-mindsonar-helps-anna-develop-a-healthier-lifestyle/

The What’s on your plate and why program applications are welcome. I have a waiting list at the moment.

Please click to book if you’d like a free consultation and I can then send the application form to you.

Places are limited to 10 people per programme to guarantee a personal approach.

This is not a diet or eating plan, nor is it a food supplement program – it is a mindset change program, because, once you have your conscious and unconscious mind focused on the end goal, the other things will all fall into place if you continue with your commitments.

One to one coaching with me, around your relationship with food are available. These can be tailored to your needs specifically and will include bespoke hypnotherapy sessions. These can be face to face in Derby, UK or online.


Live the life, you love to live