Stressful Living

The way we might live is often driven by what we have to do to keep on top of things. We are amazingly talented at keeping many balls in the air at once and being able to laugh about the odd ball we drop.

You have probably heard the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ many times over since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. These additional unexpected and unwanted pressures, plus added fears on keeping those you love safe, well, fed, educated, and the uncertainty around work, income and access to normal support networks has caused an overload for many people.


If you were drawn to this page, you and me, like many more are realising that to keep going we might need a little help. I have organised my coach already, maybe you will soon have your coach in place.

Many people have layer upon layer of life experiences, they may start a conversation with this all started when….which in turn have led them to attach meaning to their beliefs and behaviours, some may be helpful, and others not so helpful.

Stressful Living

You may feel trapped emotionally and physically, that sense of being stuck at the bottom of a pit with no way out. I mention the ‘hamster wheel’ and so many clients say – yes that’s me, no matter how fast I go I can never get where I want to be

  • family and friends are worried about you
  • worrying – what if
  • over thinking – what others might think, say or believe about you
  • worst case scenarios running constantly through your mind
  • always me – blaming yourself
  • fears – real and perceived
  • behaviours – negative and unhelpful ones
  • sleep – not enough or too much
  • eating – not enough or too much
  • emotions – unpredictable
  • uninterested in things you used to be passionate about
  • not wanting to go to work or leave the home
  • repeating actions or tasks

Parenting Challenge met!

Gemma was meeting challenges coming thick and fast, no sooner had one issue been resolved, another arrived.

Beating that cycle was important for the parents. By giving them the opportunity to see how things might be from everyone’s perspectives, gave them clarity they had been missing earlier. I am pleased to add, son did re-enter mainstream school.

Parenting Stress: Gemma’s Story

During a particularly difficult patch with my teenage son refusing school we used the services offered by Julia. We learned techniques to help us understand his difficulties from his point of view and confidence to engage with the professionals. Julia gave me strategies to use independently, life skills that I use regularly with my other children, medical professionals and any other stressful and emotional situations.

Gemma (a 5 star review on google)

I want to tell you something important – you are not your stress, you have stressful things going on around you and you are reacting to them. Stressful living. You are not broken, failing, weak or anything else you might have told yourself.

You can live without reliance on medications* if you have alternative strategies in place to help you. *please note you should consult your GP before altering any prescribed medications.

You have lots of resources inside you, right now. These can helpyou to take back control and together we can do this. Some clients need a couple of sessions, most not more than 5 or 6 sessions.

Stress work is always a bespoke offer and the first step is a free consultation (booking link below). If we decide to work together it will be confidential, one to one coaching and I will provide an indicative time and financial investment plan for you.

You start with a Free 20 minute consultation


Live the life, you love to live