Some clients like to get straight to the issue they are wanting to explore. The services page is set up to help you do this.

As I provide a bespoke service, I recommend you have a free consultation call with me – following this I can send you an indication of time and financial commitment required from you. It is important to mention that to undertake one of these packages you must have made the decision to change for yourself, if you are unsure at all, it may be better to book a Discovery Session first.

Don’t forget to request your 20 minute free consultation to find out more and have your questions answered.

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

You might not know what it is you want to change. Together we can find out and provide you some options.
Call it a starting point.

In The Moment Coaching

In The Moment Coaching

In the Moment Coaching is a pay in advance – book when you need it coaching service. Designed for busy professionals and people with full diaries.

Weight Management

Weight Management
  • emotional eating
  • boredom eating
  • stress eating
  • social eating
  • cravings
  • portion control
  • healthy habits


  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • smoking
  • shopping
  • gambling
  • sex / pornography
  • social media
  • online dating

Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Everyone has habits, we decide if they are bad or good.
If you have decided you have a bad habit this is for you.

Stressful Living

Stressful Living
  • worry
  • over thinking
  • worst case
  • always me
  • fears
  • behaviours
  • sleep
  • eating

Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias
  • heights
  • flights
  • spiders
  • always me
  • moths
  • elevators

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