Psychological Profiling –

find out what and how you think about a given situation or task

You are here thinking, what is Mindsonar?

Probably followed by why might I need it!

The good news is I can answer both of these questions for you.

Do you need to know how you think and how the way you think determines your results?

Personal Users

Think Feel Do – how you think determines your feelings and drives your actions and reactions to a given situation or context.

Your thinking style or mindset shapes how you evaluate things, what you notice and what you miss. What other people do that works for you or totally infuriates you. What you do might be getting you results you want with some people, but not all people – why?

So, if you want to be ‘mindset fit’ to achieve something important to you – Mindsonar will help you by giving you a detailed profile of your thinking style in relation to your specific context or situation.
Simply put – your thinking style as a parent or partner is likely to differ to that when you are at work or playing a competitive sport.

Maybe you could learn things from the differences and map them across to other contexts.

Because you are so much more…

Corporate Users

MindSonar measures how people think (their Meta Programs) and what they find important (their Graves Drives) in a certain context. Mindsonar gives you a clear picture of someone’s mindset.

As a business you can adapt your communication to reach all your staff, help them change, match them to the right job, train them more easily, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

MindSonar is not a personality test, like MBTI or DISK. Personality tests tell you what you are like, always and everywhere. But ‘personality’ is not a fact, it is a concept. It has its merits (clarity) but it also has its dangers (limitation). The concept of personality tends to encourage people to lock themselves up in boxes.

MindSonar is different. It assumes that you think differently in different situations. It offers a choice between limitation and liberation.

Because you are so much more..

So I guess you are curious now, that’s good. Each of the sections below tells you How you might experience a Mindsonar Profiling

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Live the life, you love to live

Anna’s Story: Mindsonar® helps Anna develop a healthier lifestyle

Anna was born in UK in 1962. She is married with two adult sons, who are both married. During the latter part of 2019 one daughter- in-law was diagnosed with cancer and the other delivered Anna’s first grandchild.

Anna’s passions are all centred around meeting the needs of her family and friends. She accepts the role of matriarch and carries all the responsibilities that go with this role.

Mindsonar® measures how you think in a given or self-defined situation. It knows that you will think differently in different situations. Mindsonar® does not provide whole person labelling, or pass judgement on your thinking style. It does give you a clear outline of how you think, with suggestions of what that might look or feel like being you in that given or self defined context. Do the test multiple times in different contexts and you will see exactly how you are so much more than you think you are.

International Show Jumper

Richard completed the Mindsonar online assessment at home following a discussion about his ‘context’ and what question he was looking to answer with help from his Mindsonar profile.

Richard explained that he wanted to explore his thinking style in relation to his performance in the competition arena. He was looking for ways to improve his results on a number of younger horses in particular.

Whilst discussing the results of his report with me, Richard identified some limiting beliefs and behaviours that he had developed as a result of losing a very much and talented horse. He realised that his thinking style towards these younger horses was perhaps one of comparing to the horse he lost, rather than their own performance and improvments at competitions.This led to some practical actions for Richard to take going forwards and some options that he could reflect on.

Showjumping: Richard’s Story

This is the feedback received from Richard following his work with me.

“About the Mindsonar profile and the follow on coaching session.

The Mindsonar report provides a fantastic insight into how my brain works and showed a clear path going forward to help me achieve my career goals…

I would recommend it to anyone!

Very accurate and quite surprised how well it read me!

I will consider the type of language I use with myself and towards my younger horses; especially in performance analysis.

After the session and profile I felt like I had a plan to achieve my goals.”

PLUS: 5* Google Review