Magical U

Magical U Play Therapy – Helps children understand themselves through play.

Have you ever wondered why your child acts out?

Is over anxious or worried and can’t or won’t explain why?

Do they have outbursts of anger or sulking for no ‘apparent’ reason?

Is there something going on with your child’s behaviour you’d like to get to the bottom of – for them and for you?

Magical U

Magical U Parent/Child sessions where your child gets to ‘play’ out their worry and concerns using the Magical U game and you get to understand why they do it and release your own worry and concern too.

Adults who have a childhood related memory or trauma that is holding them in beliefs or behaviours that are no longer helpful can also find Magical U very beneficial – as a stand alone or integrated into other coaching sessions

Therapists, playworkers, educators, carers, grandparents and parents are welcome to attend monthly demonstrations free of charge.

Details of the next free demonstrations are available here



If you are looking to purchase cards, training videos or take one of the Practitioner courses – please contact me.