Life Coaching

If you have ever felt lost in your thoughts, held back by something you don’t understand, or just feel overwhelmed, you might say stuck in a rut, feeling like you are always on the go…or the opposite of all those things…you might need a life coach.

If something has come out of the blue, and you weren’t prepared for it you might need a life coach to guide you through this unplanned, unwanted event – separation, divorce, ill health diagnosis of yourself or someone close to you.

Things like redundancy, sudden financial changes, business issues that are mounting up etc are also things that you might need help with.

Signs that might let you know you need some guidance might be:

  • Being irritable or snappy with people
  • Feeling stress levels rising
  • Anxiety triggered behaviours
  • Insomnia due to racing thoughts
  • Lack of interest in your social life / hobbies
  • Dissatisfaction with things, at home or work, big or small
  • Sense of being trapped or confined
Life Coaching

I guide you through life’s ups and downs and make sure that you can make informed choices about the most important things in your life, often this starts with you, your beliefs, and behaviours, how you manage your decision making and very often how you learn to overcome real and perceived barriers that you believe to be holding you back.

I believe you have all the resources you need to live your best life; you might like the guidance I provide to also believe this.

I specialise in helping people have more meaningful and honest conversations with themselves, their loved ones and those they work for or in the business they run.

Conversations with self – are those internal dialogues you might be running.

Conversations with a loved one – are those that build and sustain a sense of being loved and in love with another person.

Conversations with other people – are those you wish you had said, or still have the chance to say, in order to understand or clarify something you believe to be true about yourself or a situation.

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Guiding you through life’s ups and downs