It’s not fair

‘All Change’ can cover many things however it is primarily about separation and divorce, and other sudden unexpected changes you might encounter in your life. Things like illness, financial security, moving back home and loss.

Often, in these situations it is hard to find the right person to talk to. You are torn between being seen to say and do the ‘right thing’ and yet inside you might be feeling ‘resentful, neglected, abandoned or angry’ and want to have a full on tantrum or a good cry.

Having that amount of internal conflict can be draining, leading to all kinds of stressful behaviours eating too much / too little – drinking more, taking more risks than you might normally take. You might lose interest in your hobbies or appearance, people might be commenting, asking if you are ok more.

It's not fair!

It's not fair!

Having your life coach listening, providing you a safe space to air what is going on can be the way to release all this pressure. I have a range of communications tools and techniques that you can use, as well ways to let go of feelings that are not helpful to you right now.

I spent a couple of hours with Julia and had a hypnotherapy session which was very relaxing and allowed me to clear my mind. Replacing the clutter of a marriage breakup and all that this brings, with an openness to meet new people, socialise and have fun, capturing the fun loving ‘me’ of a few years back.

When I returned from my holiday,

I know I slept better and felt more refreshed.

I will and have recommended Julia.

Many thanks Lisa

August 2019

I offer this specialist coaching which can be booked as and when it is needed. Firstly, you will need to have a free 20 min consultation (booking link below) then we can agree which investment level suits you best.

This service can be online or face to face in my Derby,UK,  practice  office. I can work with couples, singly or together. I also can support grandparents and adult children caught up in a family sudden change.

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