How do I know you are the right coach for me?
I like to think that if a client chooses to work with me, it is because they have done some thinking around the matter.

Knowing what you need is an important part of choosing your coach – ask me as many questions as you need to!

What is it YOU want?
Often you might think you know what you want, and during your time with me, this may change.

I am ok with this, however, I will make sure you are!

What kind of coach do I need?
There are many types of coach, I would say I am patient, intuitive and kind. I will laugh with you, I will wave my hands about and offer you tea or tissues, or even both! Don’t think though that I am going to be a pushover, I will challenge you, ask you to trust me and guide you until we get to the core issue quickly and effectively. I use a range of modalities to get you there. I go at your pace, gently at times, keeping you safe, I will always be working with your goals in mind, even if you change them!

How much should I pay?
What you pay is an investment that you make in yourself, and that isn’t all, you will be investing your time, you’ll be keeping journals or completing tasks, you’ll commit emotionally too. When you pay for my services, you are assured that I will take care of you and use my years of life experience and skills.

Will I like your approach?
I have an approach that is warm, friendly and flexible. If you need more structure and would like to know what we are doing, you can have this, or if you just want to turn up and see where things take us, we can do this too.

What results have you achieved with other clients?
I have some lovely testimonials, you are most welcome to look at them.

Will you give me advice?
I truly believe all my clients have all the resources they need within them already, they often just need some help to rediscover them, and start to use them in a positive way. So, No advice will be given, all the decisions you make will be your own, entirely.

Do I have to have a connection with you?
I think it is a two-way connection that is needed.

We both need to know, like and trust each other.

If, this is not the case, there may be better options for us both!

Do you have a coach?
Yes. I still have a coach to help with my personal development and my own life goals.

It is hard to really coach yourself, you do know many ways to distract yourself, often learned from clients you have worked with!

I value my coach and the time they give me, because it allows me to check in with myself. It’s great to know ‘I am ok!’

How should I be feeling when I decide to choose you as my coach?
You might feel excited, inquisitive and keen to start working with me.

I feel, working together is a serious business; it can be life changing; enjoyable and with added clarity and understanding you can make your life flipping amazing!

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