Discovery Session

We are proud owners of complex and beautiful minds, yet at times there may be a sense of overload, of not being able to see past a problem to the solution.

Many people have layer upon layer of life experiences, they may start a conversation with this all started when….which in turn have led them to attach meaning to their beliefs and behaviours, some may be helpful, and others not so helpful.

You may feel trapped emotionally and physically, that sense of being stuck at the bottom of a pit with no way out. I mention the ‘hamster wheel’ and so many clients say – yes that’s me, no matter how fast I go I can never get where I want to be

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire and Online

If you hold limiting beliefs about yourself, situations other people you might be hiding away from a life you’d like to be living.

If any of this resonates with you – a Discovery Session is right for you, regardless of the fact you might not know what it is you want to change, together we can find out and add some light onto things, providing you some options, call it a starting point.

This session is around 2.5 to 3 hours, you will be asked to provide a little information before the session and by the end of the session we will have talked, used some tools or techniques to unlock and free your thinking, and have spent some time prioritising issues and designed a plan for moving forwards.

Family Responsibilities explored in a Discovery Session

Mr J came to see me because there were lots of things going on his life and his extended family. He didn’t know where to begin, so we talked about his family, being the eldest son in a Muslim family he had certain expectations placed upon him, and he wanted to be a good son and father. Little by little we got closer to what he wanted to work on and with this breakthrough, we held a conversation with his father [ with Mr J being himself and his father] about some issues which were bothering him. This conversation opened up his thinking and also allowed him to see things from other perspectives. Mr J gained a level of understanding and clarity not experienced before. He was now in a better position to fulfil his role as eldest son, and father and husband from a much more positive position. This was reinforced with gentle hypnotherapy to finish.

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